There is no Umbra - Chapter II

Includes Chapter I. Continue Daumbra's story, and obtain new gameplay mechanics (sword throwing, sword riding, mind control, etc) through an epic quest professionally voiced by Kerstyn Unger (you've heard her as Serana) and Shawn L. Koch. This is much larger than Chapter I and has many possible endings -your choices really do matter.


Knockout and Surrender

You can configure how easily your enemies should surrender, and you can choose to knock them out rather than killing them. You can also knock people out in other ways, even if they didn't surrender (say, sleepdarts!). Lightweight, compatible with everything, no 'cloak spells' nor attaching scripts to actors, everything configurable in MCM.


Melee Power Knockback

Simply adds knockback + ragdoll to power attacks. Compatible with most everything, and every aspect is customizable in the MCM -you can limit it to just kills, or just 2-handed weapons, etc.


There Is No Umbra - A floating sword follower

Continue the legend of Umbra -now as a living, floating sword that will follow you in your travels and fight for you using custom animations. Includes two quests with good and bad endings, professionally voice-acted, and well-integrated with the lore. See the trailer!