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Some games are about winning and others are about telling a story; Enter the Shadowside is very much about telling a story -a story about the dark days before the End of the World, and about the seven mysterious organizations which compete for occult power, travelling back and forth between our realm and the realm of the dead while everything unravels. 

Through "Hierogamy" characters are matched and joined with spirit partners -ghosts who ride inside their heads and grant them paranormal power in return for the luxury of riding flesh-and-bones once again, and escaping the Shadowside.

It's all good yarn to spin stories, but sometimes having to roll too many dice or having to remember too many rules can get in the way of even the best of stories: this is why Enter the Shadowside uses DESTINY.

DESTINY is a completely math-less system which uses regular poker cards instead of dice. As a player you hold in your hand certain cards which will result in success and certain cards which will result in failure. While you can't choose to simply succeed forever, you can choose when to fail, and as far as DESTINY is concerned, both successes and failures are equally useful to build this really good story we've been talking about, and which is our goal.

I hope this resonates with you. This book is a labor of love which summarizes many years of running sessions and caring -truly caring- about that certain magic that only happens when you step back in your role as Creator, and simply allow the stories and characters to just happen, hands off, to just flow and develop on their own as if they had their own lives and souls apart from ours.

Because they do. And that's as close to real magic as we can get in this world.