A subreddit to share our experiences following any kind of paranormal recipe or ritual (not just the titular "Three Kings"). We will not attempt to establish what is "true" or "false", nor to judge anyone's beliefs, but to simply respect and support the people who choose to share their paranormal journeys with us. Why would anyone follow paranormal recipes? Some do it for the thrill. Others do it for introspection, or to resolve pending inner conflicts. Regardless of your reason, please be sure to act responsibly, follow the rules, and put safety first. Welcome, and enjoy.


  • These Experiences Are Real.

We are not here to debunk anything. Really far-out fantastical tales may or may not be removed by moderators, but for your part please simply be supportive of the very personal experiences people choose to share with us.

No one does. Paranormal phenomena, by definition, cannot be measured objectively by scientific instrumentation, and until such day comes we are all guessing. If you have faith in any belief-system, and if your belief system makes claims about anything paranormal, please do not act as if those claims are confirmed truth -even if you strongly believe they are. Temper your advice and comments with phrases like "in my personal opinion" or "[the belief-system] teaches that" in order to avoid sounding dogmatic. In a nutshell: please don't expect anyone else to believe the same things you believe. This subreddit is skeptic-friendly; psychological explanations are much preferred to purely faith-based ones.

  • Don't do anything dangerous/stupid

Don't put yourself nor others in risk -physical of course, but psychological too: regardless of whether or not you believe in ghosts there are certain risks you run when you play with altered states, sensory deprivation, or any other way of messing with your brain and psyche. Please DO NOT attempt anything dangerous and use your common sense.

By The Way

The recipe which started it all is "Three Kings". This is it's origin.

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